VIVANDERA - Datterini Tomatoes in Sea Water 540g

Sweet and tasty, low in seeds, thin skin, low in calories, rich in minerals and vitamins.
The datterino is a variety of cherry tomato with an elongated shape and an intense red colour that is mainly grown in the hilly areas of Campania. The main characteristic of this product is its firm flesh and particularly sweet taste. The fresh product from low pesticide cultivation is processed according to the conventional variant of the catalogue. The one that comes from a certified organic chain, on the other hand, is preserved in a sauce, strictly produced from the same organic tomatoes, and "au naturel", with the addition of sea water, which gives it a strong and characteristic natural taste.
In sauce :
540 gr. net
325 gr. drained
Ingredients: Organic tomatoes Datterini, sea water
CHF 8.30