VIVANDERA - Tomate del Piennolo Rouge del Vesuvio AOP 100% Italian 570g


Pizzutello is better known as Piennolo del Vesuvio.
It is grown in the Vesuvius National Park, on the slopes of the crater, benefiting from the volcanic soil and all the mineral substances it contains.
The name "Piennolo" derives from the traditional preservation technique whereby the "Piennoli" (whole bunches) of tomatoes, harvested between July and August, are kept hanging, in dry and ventilated places, in order to give the product its incomparable sweetness and its typical sour aftertaste.

Ingredients: Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP cherry tomatoes, water and salt
Origin: Italy, Campania, slopes of Vesuvius
Weight: 570 gr. net 390 gr. drained

CHF 10.70