Ravioli like a Pro - Kit


Ravioli like a Pro is the new set dedicated to ravioli and international recipes.
Discover how many recipes you can make with this set: bring international flavors and tastes into your home and let yourself be taken to all corners of the world. Starting with an aperitif with Maltese pastizzi, discover the ease of preparing oriental dumplings, let yourself be carried away by the flavors of South America with pastelitos and finish with fruit energy bars.

Ravioli like a Pro - version orange :

mold to make 24 ravioli of 3.5 cm
mold around 58 mm
oval mold 100 mm
moule triangle 54 mm
torchon "Acqua Farina Marcato", 100% cotton
"Marcato" apron 100% natural cotton
"Cook like a Pro" recipe book with international dishes

CHF 96.00
CHF 86.40