PETRA 9 HP - Whole wheat type - Partially germinated wheat 2.5Kg


Wholemeal soft wheat flour, obtained using the innovative Augmented Stone Milling process. Ideal for all types of dough, savory and sweet. Controlled germination allows better fermentation of the dough, leading to lighter, honeycombed and crumbly products.

Blend of 100% soft grains from climatic selection, ground with the innovative augmented stone grinding process. Controlled germination makes it possible to increase the performance of the classic Petra®9 which, in this new HP version, makes it possible to obtain lighter, friable products with greater preservation over time.

Increased stone milling.
After a careful optical selection of healthy grains, the wheat enters the mill through a process that reconciles the merits of stone wheels with those of cast iron cylinders, giving life to flours rich in taste and nutrients like those of the past, but with the technological performance of modern flour. This unique grinding and sifting process gives life to a range of flours with more fiber, which stand out for their cutting-edge technological characteristics, introducing new standards of performance stability in bread, pizza and leavened dessert doughs .

It is recommended to use Petra®9HP with medium and high hydration (60-90%).
For yeast doughs we recommend management at room temperature (20°C) for up to 16 hours, or with refrigerated control at +4°C for up to 48 hours.
Gentle and slow cooking is always preferable, ensuring perfect drying of the product down to the core and a uniform, golden color.
W and P/L: The W and P/L values ​​linked to this flour are not expressed because the high fiber content does not allow significant results to be obtained using the Chopin aphograph analysis.

Ingredients: Wholemeal soft wheat flour

May contain traces of military and of mustard

CHF 19.80