Nolano - Tomatoes Pelées San Marzano DOP 400g


Pelati San Marzano DOP Nolano comes from selected fields belonging to the company located in the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino region. The composition of the soil of volcanic origin in these production areas lends itself well to the cultivation of San Marzano tomatoes.

To achieve exceptional results during the processing phase, each fruit is harvested manually when it reaches the perfect degree of ripeness.

The transformation of the product takes place, in a few hours, in artisanal workshops located a few kilometers from the fields. The San Marzano tomato lends itself to any type of recipe, it prefers quick cooking and is able to express its maximum potential in simple and elaborate dishes.

The Nolano brand was born from the initiative of a family who knew how to reap the fruits sown sixty years earlier by Nonno Ciro, the beating heart of the company, and transform them into a solid entrepreneurial reality. A story of commitment that has lasted for three generations and tells the passion of a group of people dedicated to work and sacrifice.

CHF 4.30