Mulino Marino Organic White Spelled Flour 1 kg


This flour is a raw and natural product, obtained without the addition of preservatives, stabilizers or other additives. It is a flour produced with a natural stone milling process. Particularly suitable for people suffering from food intolerances.

The Langa Marino organic stone mill is located in Cossano Belbo (CN). The history of the mill is very old. Today, three generations of the Marino family work together, continuing with passion to perpetuate the art of stone grinding. In order not to "burn" the flours, the large circular French stones must be hammered by hand once a week. The Marines use only the best wheat in the world, all organic and GMO-free. They also specialize in the rare “eight-row” corn, so named after the number of rows of kernels.

INGREDIENTS: natural stone-ground spelled flour, from organic farming.


CHF 6.90