MOLINO DALLAGIOVANNA - Panettone - Type 00 - 5 Kg


W 390 P/L 0,55

Ideal for producing large leavened panettone and party cakes.
The result of a careful selection of the best grains and continuous research in our Arte Bianca laboratories, this flour allows you to create very rich recipes thanks to the good protein balance, elasticity and resistance.

The type of product being bagged is always printed on the side of the bag.

Ingredients:  Wheat flour type 00*

*Contains GLUTEN ; may contain traces of SOY, SENAPE, LUPINS.

Store in a cool, dry place, at a temperature below 25°C, with a maximum humidity of 65% and protected from light even when the packaging is opened.
Closed in a cupboard or kitchen cabinet, it is perfect; Once opened, simply close the package on itself by securing it with a clothespin or adhesive tape.
In hot weather, you can store the bag, even opened, in the refrigerator.

CHF 19.80