MOLINO DALLAGIOVANNA - La Napoletana - Type 00 - 1 Kg


LaNapoletana 1 kg. Wheat flour type 00*

W310 P/L 0.60


LaNapoletana: for a perfectly developed golden crust and a soft and elastic dough. Authentic flour, the right flour for a real Pizzajuolo pizza!

*Contains GLUTEN ; may contain traces of SOY, SENAPE, LUPINS.

ADVICE FOR PERFECT STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place, at a temperature below 25°C, with a maximum humidity of 65% and protected from light, even when the packaging is opened.

Closed in a cupboard or kitchen cabinet, it is perfect; Once opened, simply close the package on itself, securing it with a clothespin or adhesive tape.

In hot weather, you can store the bag, even opened, in the refrigerator.

CHF 4.40