MOLINO DALLAGIOVANNA - Flour for Fresh Pasta - Type 00 - 1 Kg


Wheat flour type 00* 1 kg


Ideal for the production of fresh homemade pasta, also stuffed. A very white blend with an ash content of less than 0.40%, obtained through the process of extracting the innermost part of the wheat grain and through the grain washing phase, a distinctive characteristic of Molino Dallagiovanna. Fresh pasta will thus be enhanced by the color of the egg, for significantly better visual performance and taste. This flour maintains perfect hydration during kneading, guaranteeing perfect jointing of the dough and excellent baking resistance.

*Contains GLUTEN ; may contain traces of SOY, SENAPE, LUPINS.

Store in a cool, dry place, at a temperature below 25°C, with a maximum humidity of 65% and protected from light even when the packaging is opened.
Closed in a cupboard or kitchen cabinet, it is perfect; Once opened, simply close the package on itself by securing it with a clothespin or adhesive tape.
In hot weather, you can store the bag, even opened, in the refrigerator.

CHF 3.90