Molini Pizzuti - Pizza in Shovel 10Kg



1) Type '0 soft wheat flour

One of the best flours from Molini Pizzuti was selected for the mixture, namely a type "0" soft wheat flour. It is a solid flour with good gluten performance. The reference was chosen based on its excellent performance and its ability to accommodate other ingredients well.

2) "Senatore Cappelli" durum wheat semolina.

Due to its close links with the Cilento region, "Senatore Cappelli" durum wheat semolina was chosen. An ancient cereal little used today due to its low yields and performance in bread making. Despite its poor kneading performance and low protein content, it remains rich in micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

3) Rice flour

This ingredient is characterized by very small starch globules, which hydrate and swell. This not only allows for great water absorption, but also contributes to the formation of a light, easily digestible alveolus, as well as a crispy outer crust.

4) Soy flour

Soy flour is an ingredient rich in proteins, but especially in fats and lecithins. These help to emulsify the fats, thus stabilizing the crumb. It makes an important contribution from an aromatic and structural point of view.

5) Dried wheat sourdough

Dried sourdough was chosen to improve the aromatic impact of the finished product. The choice fell on an acidic wheat sourdough, with a spicy and distinct taste. It lowers the pH of the dough, thus improving yeast activity, product preservation and volume yields.

6) Resistant starch

Resistant starch was used to complete the formulation. This is a type of starch that pancreatic enzymes have difficulty attacking and therefore is not fully digested. This brings several benefits to the consumer as it hinders and regulates the absorption of carbohydrates, thereby decreasing the glycemic response. It also has a prebiotic function in that it can be further metabolized by the intestinal microflora, thereby promoting the development of beneficial indigenous microflora. It is considered a dietary fiber.

It also allows you to have a product with a high fiber content without using bran.


The mixture is designed to achieve high hydration from 80% (water/flour) and a minimum maturity of 24 hours. For correct usage, some suggestions are given below:

Kneading time: up to 19 minutes;

End of kneading temperature: 24°C;

Kneading time: 40 minutes (at 25°C);

Ripening temperature: 4-6°C;

Dry yeast: 1.3g for 72 hours, 1.7g for 48 hours, 2.7g for 24 hours (dose per kg of product);

Fresh yeast: 4g for 72 hours, 5g for 48 hours, 8g for 24 hours (dose per kg of product);

For a crispy outside and soft inside result, we recommend cooking at a moderate temperature (around 275°C on the ground and 300°C on the top) for a sufficient time to guarantee good drying (10- 12 minutes). For heavy seasonings, it is recommended to precook the product for approximately 3 minutes before seasoning; in the case of moist condiments or more intense hydrations, it is advisable to increase the cooking times for correct drying. Ideal for electric ovens and suitable for express or two-step cooking.


Perfect shovel: mixture specially designed for making pizza with a shovel. Ideal for high hydration, even in direct dough, it allows you to obtain pala pizzas with a crispy crust and a soft, melting and well-structured internal structure. Fiber source: all benefits attributable to fiber; same fiber content as stone-ground type “1” flour, but with visual and rheological characteristics close to type “0”.
High quality: the product is able to guarantee high performance, long maturation and is able to absorb large quantities of water, thus reducing the impact on the cost of food.
Wheat sourdough: unique and characteristic aromatic impact; improves product shelf life, improves yeast activity and volume yields.
Senatore Cappelli ancient wheat: distinctive element, source of micronutrients, notes and aromas of ancient wheat Ancient wheat germ: from stone grinding of ancient wheat. It provides aromas, fragrances and is a source of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.
High hydrations: Simplicity of treatment with high hydrations, for a lighter product, but still easy to work with. Long maturation: allows processes that increase the lightness and digestibility of the product. Ease of use: the product does not require special mixing techniques, a direct method is sufficient. Get up to 100% hydration without problems!

CHF 48.00