LALAINA - Red prawn colatura - 100 ml


La Colatura di Gambero Rosso® di Mazara del Vallo is a new food product obtained using a patented method that extracts the eggs and juices present inside the shell of the red shrimp. According to sailors' custom, it is used to add flavor to soups or other fish dishes, so much so that the fishermen on board keep the contents to use in their own cooking recipes.

100 ml 

The Colatura di Gambero Rosso® from Mazara del Vallo has a delicate flavor reminiscent of the sweetness of shellfish and does not contain added salt.
Among its ingredients there is no added salt.

It is an extremely versatile product, perfect for preparing appetizers, starters and gourmet pizzas. It is an ingredient which is used to enhance your dishes by giving them an inimitable sea taste, which explains its numerous possibilities of use.

It can be used to season a starter (2/3 tablespoons per portion), cream a risotto, season a fish salad, a few drops on a bruschetta or on a gourmet pizza.

Ingredients : Mediterranean red prawns, water, salt, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid, emulsifiers: xanthan gum, lecithin military.

CHF 25.00