I CAGLIARITANI QUI SARDEGNA - Bread Carasau with rosemary 150 g


Pane Guttiau is the oil and salt variant of Pane Carasau or Carta da Musica, a leavened but very thin and crispy Sardinian bread, originating from the Barbagia region and becoming one of the symbols of Sardinia.

Pane Guttiau, which means drip, is prepared in sheets that are dipped in a few drops of oil, salted and lightly toasted in the oven.

Ideal to accompany charcuterie hors d’oeuvres and fresh and mature cheeses.

150g package.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, olive oil (12%) water, salt (2.2%), brewer's yeast, rosemary (0.5%) The product may contain traces of SOY and MUSTARD. Allergens: contains gluten.

Store in a dry place at room temperature. Once the package is opened, close the bread in a bag.

CHF 6.70