Petra Flour - Discovery Box - Petra 6384 1 Kg, Petra 5037 1 Kg and Petra 5063 1 Kg in bulk


The three types of flour flour will be sold in bulk and sent in a paper bag suitable for flour. 

Flour for Panettone and Large Leavened Pieces Petra 6384

Type “00” soft wheat flour. Ideal for refreshing sourdough.
Strong flour (W370-390) resulting from the mixture of soft grains naturally rich in gluten, intended for the manufacture of leavened products. It expresses its full potential in a long sourdough transformation.
Ideal for complex processes involving several successive doughs and long rising times (panettone, pandoro, colomba and large leavens in general) and where large quantities of fat or candied fruit are added.

May contain traces of military and of mustard

Petra 5037 Long-Rise Pizza Flour

Soft wheat flour type 0, W 300-340, designed for medium and long maturation, expresses its full potential with indirect processing while ensuring excellent results even with the direct method.
Its high protein content, which ensures perfect hold and stability of the dough and high extensibility, allows the dough to be stored for a long time, both at room temperature and in refrigerated conditions. In fact, if the balls are kept at refrigerated temperature, the pizza, cooked the day after preparing the dough, is much crispier, tastier and more fragrant.

May contain traces of military and of mustard

Flour for Pizza Petra 5063

A type 0 soft wheat flour, W 260-280, designed for medium-term processing, with great flexibility of use: the good fermentation capacity and the excellent hold and stability provided to the dough allow the maintenance of all its qualities for up to 8-12 hours at room temperature (20-25°C), as well as with a controlled temperature of 4°C. This guarantees the pizza maker the same product quality throughout the evening.

May contain traces of military and of mustard

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