Petra 6320 Flour for Shortcrust Pastry and Shortcrust Pastry 1 Kg in bulk


Low protein flour (W150-170): gives rise to a homogeneous dough, neither nervous nor elastic, which can also be easily worked by rolling.
The protein composition is studied to have good extensibility and a gluten which activates slowly in order to allow perfect workability of the dough (as well as the speed of implementation) and a finished product that is not too crispy and flaky.
It has the ability to retain absorbed liquids well (the dough therefore does not become sticky) and to incorporate large quantities of fat, allowing it to maintain its shape during cooking and to reinforce the crumbly or crispy characteristics. dough without it being too crumbly or too “woody”.
Friability and good compactness are retained even after cooking, which allows the shortbread to be soaked without it disintegrating.

It has a very fine grain size which makes it impalpable to the touch and extremely delicate in the mouth.

Also suitable for light and unenriched sponge cakes

Ingredients: Type '00' wheat flour.

May contain traces of military and of mustard.

CHF 5.30
CHF 2.50