Petra 5010 flour for PINSA ROMANA 1 Kg in bulk


Mixture of type “0” wheat flour and rice flour, ideal for Pinsa Romana.

Without additives, Petra 5010 allows you to obtain highly hydrated doughs, ideal for medium and long rising times, thanks only to the protein quality of specially selected wheat.

Pastas made with Petra 5010 are stable and easy to work with.

The finished product is characterized by a distinct lightness and a unique crispness. Rice flour ensures maximum softness to the dough.

Suitable for:

Pinsa Romana, pan pizza, medium and long rise focaccia (8 hours at room temperature 22-25°C, up to 48 hours with refrigerated control at 4°C), bread.

Can be used with direct, indirect and live sourdough.

Ingredients : Type “0” wheat flour, rice flour.

May contain traces of soy and mustard.
CHF 5.90