Molino Rossetto - "ARSO" blue flours - 400 G


100% durum wheat flour The flour obtained from durum wheat has a very particular taste, is naturally dark and is ideal for the preparation of characteristic dishes. Ideal for pasta (Apulian orecchiette) and focaccia.

Born in the Foggia region of Puglia, grano arso is one of the contemporary examples of the recovery of food waste. Burnt wheat flour is actually a wholemeal flour made from burnt wheat grains left on the ground. For decades, burned wheat was a symbol of peasant tradition because large landowners allowed farmers to harvest burned wheat grains after the practice of stubble burning, which favored the recovery of the ears left on the ground and the fertilizing the land for the next harvest. The flour obtained from burnt wheat grains, mixed with a very small quantity of white flour, gave rise to a dark wholemeal flour with a pronounced bitter taste.

Produced in a factory using soy, sesame seeds and milk.

CHF 4.90