Alpa - Sweet Organic Bergamot Compotes 40g


Compote obtained by the processing of bergamot, a typical fruit of Calabria, which grows in a unique way on its coasts. Known for its powerful aroma and the use of its extract in cosmetics, the bergamot fruit has countless nutritional properties which make it essential for a good diet: it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and mineral salts. Thanks to careful, high-quality processing of the entire fruit and not just its juice, the organoleptic properties of the raw material remain unchanged. The addition of just over 20% sugar counteracts the high acidity of the fruit, making the compote aromatic and sweet at the same time.

Ingredients : organic bergamot (76%), organic cane sugar.

Fruit used 98g for 100g of finished product
Gluten-free product

CHF 2.90