Gustarosso Pacchetelle 100% Italian Tomato Fillets - Box 400gr

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Our beloved pacchetelles have ancient origins: every year, in fact, in the courtyards and farms of southern Italy, the processing of canned tomatoes took place.

A real event, that of doing the “butteglie”, as we called it, which brought together entire families and saw different generations at work, side by side, in solidarity.

All this was not a burden for the family, on the contrary, it was a highly anticipated event: similar to a celebration.

There were those who washed the tomatoes, others the bottles (they used the beer bottles, a true example of "useful recycling"), those who cut the tomatoes - which, at the time, were strictly San Marzano - into "pacchetelle": cut on the long side into 4 quarters, to facilitate their insertion into the bottle.

After cutting the San Marzano "pacchetelle", the juice and a beautiful basil leaf were added, the jars were screwed on with new caps, after which they were left to boil in large cauldrons for about 15 minutes.

During this work there was water everywhere, the smell of tomatoes and we chatted a lot.

It was nice to see the wrinkled hands of the elderly carefully washing the tomatoes; children soiled with tomatoes, which they ate so naturally, without seasoning, were so tasty.

Of course we also ate bread and tomatoes. When it comes to leftover tomatoes, what's better than a good "sciuè sciuè" spaghetti?

Each family had its own rituals, its own way of making bottles: this is Gustarosso's.

Ingredients : Tomato fillet with skin, tomato juice, salt.

Recommended preparations: spaghetti with sachets of “sciuè sciuè” tomatoes and basil; Apulian focaccia with tomato papillotes; tomato pizza enriched with pacchetelle.

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