Gustarosso 100% Italian Tomato Puree - 680gr glass

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Only the best tomatoes go into Gustarosso bottles: our Passata is ideal for seasoning pizzas or for the great sauces of the Italian tradition.

Although historically the definition of what "tomato puree" actually is seems uncertain, the earliest certified sources of this preparation certainly date back to Neapolitan cuisine. The first work that illustrates a recipe in which tomato is suggested as a condiment for "dry pasta" is attributed to Francesco Leonardi who, in his masterpiece in six volumes entitled "L'Apicio Moderno", proposes the "Ragù di Maccaroni": the precursor of "Maccaroni alla Neapolitan".

Ingredients : Fresh tomato puree, salt, citric acid.

Recommended preparations: all the great sauces of the peasant and Italian tradition; Neapolitan and Bolognese stew; sauce boscaïola.

CHF 4.40