Gustarosso Broccoli Friarielli au naturel - 700 gr

Product details

“Friarielli” is the name for Neapolitan broccoli: in fact, in other parts of Italy they are called that. They are also widely used in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, as well as Chinese cuisine.

Broccoli is often fried with extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Gustarosso broccoli is naturally canned to preserve its flavor.

Ingredients : Neapolitan "friarielli" broccoli (turnip leaves), water, salt.

Recommended preparations : sautéed pork sausage with chili broccoli; pizza with buffalo mozzarella, pork sausage and pan-fried broccoli (usually called "carrettiera"); Savory tart filled with broccoli.

CHF 9.90