Gustarosso Lucariello, whole yellow tomato, 520gr jar

Product details

The yellow Lucariello tomato is a natural graft between the Agro-Sarnese Nocerino tomato varieties and the Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato variety. It is grown in the Agro-Sarnese Nocerino area.

Yellow like the sun, it has a thick skin and particularly firm pulp. Also defined as a “traditional food product” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; the Ministry, in collaboration with the Regions, has activated the necessary tools to safeguard these products as an expression of the traditions and culture of our land.

Ingredients : whole yellow tomato, water, salt

Recommended preparations: sea bream all'acquapazza with yellow Lucariello tomatoes; scialatielli with seafood and yellow Lucariello tomatoes; Apulian focaccia with a mixture of cherry tomatoes and Lucariello.

CHF 12.80