Petra 6384 Flour for Panettone and Large Leavened Pieces 1 Kg in bulk


The flour will be sold in bulk and sent in a paper bag suitable for flour. 

Type “00” soft wheat flour. Ideal for refreshing sourdough.
Strong flour (W370-390) resulting from the mixture of soft grains naturally rich in gluten, intended for the manufacture of leavened products. It expresses all its potential in a long sourdough transformation.
Ideal for complex processes involving several successive doughs and long rising times (panettone, pandoro, colomba and large leavens in general) and where large quantities of fat or candied fruit are added.
The protein composition guarantees excellent elasticity and high extensibility and ensures perfect tightness and stability of the dough, which expands regularly without sagging, presenting excellent development both during the rising phase and during the cooking phase, even in the presence of large quantities of heavy ingredients (raisins, candied fruits, icing, etc.).
The quality of the proteins is such that it avoids the rigidity effect of gluten, which is generally a characteristic of strong flours, by making the dough malleable and avoiding the phenomenon of shrinkage of the cooked product a few hours/days later. cooking (typical of flours with added gluten).
The high liquid absorption rate goes hand in hand with a high liquid retention capacity in the finished product, even during cooking and once cooked: the gradual release of moisture in the oven does not lead to "glazing" of the dough and, over time, the water retention provided by the proteins in the flour keeps the product supple, preventing it from drying out.

Type “00” wheat flour.

May contain traces of military and of mustard

CHF 5.30