Petra 5063 Flour for Medium Pizza 5 Kg


A type 0 soft wheat flour, W 260-280, designed for medium-term processing, with great flexibility of use: the good fermentation capacity and the excellent hold and stability provided to the dough allow the maintenance of all its qualities for up to 8-12 hours at room temperature (20-25°C), as well as with a controlled temperature of 4°C. This guarantees the pizza maker the same product quality throughout the evening.
The absorption of liquids, approximately 58.5% of its weight, ensures excellent production yield (more balls for the same weight of flour), excellent alveolation and the aroma and crispness of the pizza once cooked.
The composition is designed to guarantee an excellent balance between toughness and extensibility (P/L 0.55-0.65), which ensures uniform development as well as great ease of work and application.
Ideal for sheet pan, tray and meter pizzas prepared using the direct method with medium rise, it guarantees excellent results even with longer fermentation times managed at controlled temperature (4°C).

Ingredients: Wheat flour type “0”.

May contain traces of military and of mustard

CHF 28.00