Black rice originated in China, but today it is grown in certain areas of the Po Valley. It is a pleasantly aromatic brown rice that cooks in 40 minutes, releasing a special aroma between sandalwood and freshly baked bread. Black color is a rare feature. Legend has it that in the past, Chinese peasants grew it only for the emperor and his court, who appreciated it for its nutritional and aphrodisiac properties (hence the name forbidden rice). It is ideal boiled and seasoned with oil or butter, or used as an accompaniment to meat or fish dishes.
The traditional stone shelling process and the meticulous selection allow it to boast "extra quality", that is to say, to present tangible characteristics of excellence, because "extra quality" is an attributable guarantee only to products whose defects are less than 1/3 of those required by law.

Ingredients : rice

CHF 6.80