CAMPISI - Red tuna tarantello in olive oil 220g


Bluefin tuna tarantello in olive oil, handcrafted and handmade. Ideal as an appetizer seasoned with a few drops of lemon or as a fundamental ingredient in the preparation of a sauce or seasoning.

Being such a small part, tarantello cannot be obtained from large tuna using artisanal processing techniques, passed down from generation to generation. It is halfway between tuna and belly: it is softer than the bluefin tuna fillet, without reaching the fatty consistency of the belly, of which it does not, however, lose its flavor. Olive oil enhances its taste, making it even softer and tastier.

Ingredients: bluefin tuna tarantella (55%), sunflower oil (44%), Sicilian sea salt.

May contain traces of fish, shellfish, nuts, soy, peanuts.

CHF 22.00