CAMPISI - Sauce tomate cerise au basilic Pachino PGI 220g


Pachino cherry tomato I.G.P. is small, when ripe it has good acidity in relation to the sugars present, which makes it excellent for the production of sauce. The treatment has remained the same as traditionally the locals have passed it down for generations.

The tomato production area of ​​the PGI of Pachino falls in the municipalities of Pachino, Portopalo di Capo Passero, Noto and Ispica, in the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa, in the Sicily region. The first Pachino PGI tomato crops date back to 1925 and were located along the coastal strip, on farms that could have water for irrigation coming from soil wells. One of the particularities of the Pachino PGI tomato is its shelf life which exceeds that of other varieties of tomatoes.

Ingredients: Pachino IGP cherry tomato (98%), onion (0.7%), olive oil, Sicilian sea salt, sugar, basil (0.5%).

May contain traces of shellfish, fish, soy and nuts.

CHF 4.90