CAMPISI - Cuttlefish ink sauce ready to use 220g


Seppia Campisi black sauce is the easy, quick and tasty answer to your dinners, when they call friends at the last minute and you want to amaze everyone with a pasta worthy of the best restaurant, with a ready but authentic condiment at the same time time.

Stored in convenient vacuum-sealed jars, the Black Sepia Campisi sauce recipe contains high quality products such as Pachino cherry tomato, cuttlefish and black cuttlefish, finely chopped onion, olive oil, white wine and a pinch of chili pepper to give character and panache.

This seasoning is ideal for making your tasty risottos and seasoning delicious noodles with black cuttlefish, a variation of traditional garlic and oil. These dishes go well with medium-bodied, sparkling or dry white wines: add shrimp to risotto and spaghetti for a gourmet effect!

CHF 6.70