Benedetto Cavalieri - Orecchiette 500g


Orecchiette is a pasta from Puglia whose name means “little ears” in Italian. They used to be formed with your thumb on a rolling pin to give them their original shape! Their unique flavor goes well with both simple and more elaborate sauces.

Try this pasta according to a traditional Apulian recipe, orecchiette alle cime di rapa, combining typical ingredients from southern Italy: orecchiette and turnip greens, anchovies and olive oil.
Cooking time: 11-12 minutes

Benedetto CAVALIERI is a pasta myth!
Since 1918, four generations have succeeded each other at the head of the family business.
Located in Puglia, not far from Lecce, Benedetto Cavalieri perpetuates unrivaled know-how in the production of durum wheat pasta with unparalleled crispness.

Some say that Benedetto Cavalieri pasta is the Pope's favorite pasta at the Vatican!

The variety of wheat used and the Puglia terroir certainly explain this difference.
The whole process allows the dough to develop without being "bruised" in the molds. Slow drying at low temperatures guarantees impeccable cooking resistance.

Until now, their dough was almost impossible to find in Switzerland...

Ingredients: durum wheat flour
Contains gluten

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