BENEDETTO CAVALIERI - Flying saucers 500g


Benedetto Cavalieri pasta is renowned throughout the world for:

- the rigorous selection of Italian durum wheat which grows on suitable soils, mainly on the hills of Puglia and Basilicata; wheat is grown without the massive and usual use of chemical fertilizers which increase yields at the expense of quality;
- the "DELICATE" processing method: prolonged kneading, slow kneading, bronze pressing and stretching, drying at low temperature. All this allows the typical flavor to be preserved, ensuring an absolutely natural consistency and high permeability to seasonings. Finally, the “gentle method” guarantees the total preservation of the precious nutritional values ​​of good durum wheat;
- the passion, attention and continuous search for the best quality, which the Cavalieri family transmits from generation to generation.

Ingredients : durum wheat semolina, water

CHF 6.90