SALT ARTISANS - Exceptionally raw Guérande coarse salt - 1kg


At Artisans du Sel we have 2 large salts. The “white”, the exceptional crude and the “gray”, the harvest crude.

Under pressure and the massive arrival of refined industrial salt, the salt workers of Guérande were under an injunction to produce more “white” to get closer to the refined salt which had become the norm anchored in consumption habits.

The whiteness of the salt results from the general state of the saltworks, the specificities of the clay and the salt harvester's harvesting technique.

“Gray” salt generally comes from recently rehabilitated salt pans, from “soft” or “friable” clay as well as its composition and water management down to the millimeter.

The two coarse salts have a similar composition. Everyone has their own preference, but in Brittany we are more used to gray salt than refined white salt.

We advise you to transfer the salt into a glass, stoneware or porcelain container of your choice.

Salt is kept dry.


Ingredients: salt

CHF 3.90