Petra Flour 5046 Short-Rise Pizza Flour 12.5 Kg



Type 0 soft wheat flour, W 180-220, suitable for doughs that require reduced maturation times: 3-6 hours at room temperature 18-22°C. The great stability ensured by Petra 5046 means that fermentation times can be increased up to 8-12 hours by maintaining the dough at a controlled temperature of 4-5°C, without compromising the maneuverability of the pizza ball that works with the direct method consisting of always having a dough with the same qualitative characteristics and thus being able to always offer the customer the same standard of quality during the same evening.

The good absorption of liquids (approximately 54.5% of its own weight) guarantees the obtaining of a pizza base with excellent alveolation and a remarkable fragrance

The right balance between toughness and extensibility (P/L 0.55-0.65) that characterizes Petra 5046 guarantees the production of a dough with a well-proportioned internal structure and good development. For this reason, it is also suitable for the production of high and soft focaccia and pizza in a pan as well as for the production of round plate pizza.

 "Wheat flour n. 550"

Ingredients: Wheat flour type “0”.

May contain traces of military and of mustard

CHF 53.00