MASTERPAN - Non-stick crepe and pancake pan 28cm


Enjoy delicious pancakes, pancakes, omelettes and grilled foods cooked in the healthiest way possible in this large dishwasher and oven safe crepe maker with a unique square design. It is free of PTFE, PFOA, lead, cadmium and heavy metals. Thanks to the ceramic coating, little or no oil or butter is needed, and food simply slides off. This is ideal if it's your turn to do the dishes or you just want to be sure your pancake or omelette will slide effortlessly from the non-stick pan to the plate. This 28cm crepe pan is the ideal size for creating large crepes or omelettes for two people and can be placed in the oven for up to 30 minutes at 220°C. This makes it very easy to finish dishes without burning them. This is ideal if you want to melt pancake or omelet toppings without having to remove the dishes from the pancake pan. The pressed aluminum crepe pan is lightweight, meaning cooking is as easy as possible. You can also enjoy your favorite dishes in a healthy way, as the ceramic coating means you rarely need to add extra oil or butter when making crepes, pancakes or omelettes. FAT-FREE COOKING: Frying crepes, pancakes or omelettes can be healthy thanks to the pan's ceramic coating, which eliminates the need for lots of oil or butter. ATTRACTIVE: A timeless classic, this attractive copper crepe maker is an attractive addition to your kitchen whilst being lightweight to use. STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE: The handle of this steak pan provides a comfortable grip and ensures durability. LIGHTWEIGHT: Carrying and flipping the crepe is easy thanks to the pan's lightweight design. OVEN SAFE: You can use this plate to cook your pancakes safely on the hob, then transfer them to the oven for up to 30 minutes at 230°C, ideal for making them crispy.

1,8 cm (H) x 29 cm (L) x 47,8 cm (P)
Net weight
0,7 kg

CHF 26.00