MASTERPAN - Non-stick Dutch oven 22cm / 3.8L


Every family needs a Dutch oven for home-cooked meals and these pots would be the perfect addition to your home. Made from cast aluminum, this product is lightweight and easy to transport from the kitchen to the dining table. Its lightweight construction also makes it easy to clean. Even an amateur cook will be able to cook up a storm with this casserole dish with oven cover thanks to its thick base which provides perfect heat distribution. Your ingredients won't stick to the bottom either thanks to the double-layer XYLAN Plus coating on the inside. Your dishes will be easy to serve, making them perfect for your next dinner party. It is very easy to keep these pans clean as they can be put in the dishwasher after use. It is also oven safe and can be used on any type of hob, including induction and gas hobs. It's also free of heavy metals, cadmium, lead and PFOA, so you can be sure your family is safe. Upgrade your cookware today with this classic Dutch oven in a modern, lightweight design. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of high quality die-cast aluminum, this induction pan with lid is very durable. Its base is thick to ensure even heat distribution throughout the pan. Start your cooking on the cooktop, including induction, and finish it in the oven. LIGHTWEIGHT: This Dutch oven is easy to transport thanks to its lightweight design. You will find that cast aluminum is much lighter than other cast iron options. AUTOMATIC LID: Designed to trap steam, the lid distributes moisture evenly over the food in the dish, basting it with its own steam. NON-STICK INDUCTION FANS: Thanks to Whitford's XYLAN Plus double-layer coating, food moves easily without sticking to the pan. This makes cooking more enjoyable and cleaning easier. ATTRACTIVE TABLE OVEN: Designed to attract attention, this timeless classic is an attractive addition to your kitchen and dining table.

10,7 cm (H) x 24,9 cm (L) x 24,9 cm (P)
Net weight
2 kg
3,8 L

CHF 72.00