Fresh Pasta Introductory Class - March 24th 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Where: in our store in Lausanne, Rue de la Barre, 6

  • Introduction to pasta: historical context and evolution - 10 Min
  • Ingredients: Hard wheat and soft wheat - 5 Min
  • Pasta "water and flour": Gnocchi, Cavatelli - 45 Min
  • Egg pasta: Lasagna, Tagliatelle, Garganelli - 45 Min
  • Debriefing and questions - 10 Min

What you need: nothing, a little willpower and energy to knead! ...ah here is a container to bring home the results of your efforts!

What I will learn: you will understand how to make pasta at home: quantities, kneading and resting times, different shapes and cooking times. 

What I will bring home: in addition to an incredible desire to get your hands dirty, you will bring home the results of your efforts as well as a kilo of 00 flour for egg pasta and a kilo of semolina flour.
CHF 35.00